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Blurb – About the Brewery

Today you are dinking a beer, sculpted by the hand of a handsome young woman, just like how it was and still is in the Abbeys around the world.

Our story is a lot like our beer, unconventional! It all started on green meadows with Black Friesian Horses, our now renowned brew master Nuschka swirling a glass of Golden Lager brewed at the Black Horse Brewery. In the summer of 2012 when she received her first apprenticeship under the watchful eyes of a team of Dutch Brewer Masters she produced her very first and still signature Golden Lager. Making her father proud Nuschka and her team at Black Horse now produces some of the worlds finest craft Lagers and Ales.

Nuschka does not make beer to please the critics of the world; she makes craft beer for people. There are a lot of rules and regulations about how things should be, and when it comes to Black Horse beer, she doesn’t care about rules. Each beer is brewed with innovation and authenticity.

If you ever around the magnificent Magaliesburg mountains in the highlands of South Africa, stop in for a Black Horse!

Our story

Bernard saw the potential of the picturesque setting overlooking the valley, and he soon set about turning this property into the families dream estate. From young to old, everyone in the Botha family invested ideas, visions, money, time and a whole lot of sweat into turning Black Horse Estate into what it is today.

Once the paddocks and the stables were completed in 1997, the "black horses" were finally brought to the estate - gorgeous ebony Friesian horses of Dutch origin. With that started the adventure of running a stud farm, and the Botha family bred a generation of award-winning show and dressage Friesians. Black Horse Estate's next adventure is the recently built Black Horse Restaurant and microbrewery. Set upon the slopes of a hill under a canopy of pecan nut trees, Black Horse Restaurant is a tranquil respite that promises to become a must-stop for breakfast, lunch and dinner for city visitors and locals alike.

The welcoming aroma of the wood fire smoke curling up through the pizza oven chimney greets you as you approach the Black Horse Restaurant and Brewery. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, inside or on the comfortable couches and tables under the Pecan Nut trees. Black Horse Restaurant invites you to hang out and stay awhile. Transformed from the old stables, the restaurant offers a great selection with hearty family selected cuisine, handcrafted ales and lager brewed steps away in the onsite brewery. On those gorgeous sunny Magaliesburg days, guests move outdoors to the lush green lawns.

Looking further into the essence of the Brewery, you will find Nuschka Botha, boasting the title of one of South Africa's youngest female Brewers. Proudly brewing her next batch of excellently smooth and unique tasting Black Horse beer that is served on tap in the Restaurant. The perfect companion to the excellent fare, and the point around which the Black Horse Experience pivots.

Mingling with the guests and wearing the title of the Godfather of the Black Horse Brew, you will be pleased to meet Bernard Botha. With a friendly disposition and a heart of gold, he personally signs off on all the brews and encourages guests to join him in his realized vision and dream of what is fast becoming the hidden jewel of the Magaliesburg. An ever-present Karen Botha, Bernard's wife, bustles about, making a 1000% sure that your visit is as aesthetically pleasing as it is comfortable. Her personal and very tasteful touch has sprinkled the Brewery's decor with a touch of upper class, mingled with French street cafe and a drizzled with lazy afternoon country dining at its purest and best.