Regulations for Music at Black Horse

Our DJ is Pieter from Jazze Productions

For us all to enjoy the tranquillity of Black Horse we have implemented new sound equipment and procedures for music at Black Horse. We do require all DJ’s and bands to strictly conform to these rules and regulations as also set for us by the West Rand District Municipality – Health and Social Development of Gauteng.

Inside area

Maximum allowable dB(A): 85dB

  • Please note that all southern facing doors will be closed from 10 pm to curb the sound
  • Please do note that the maximum allowable decibel range for music in our Banquet hall is 85bB(A)

Outside area

Maximum allowable dB(A): 60dB












Information for DJ’s

Please note that Dj’s playing at Black Horse needs to take not to the following. Black Horse already provides all the sound equipment.

What we provide:


  • Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer board
  • One ALTO TX-10 280Watt 2-Way Loud Speaker
  • TRS 3.5mm plug

Canapés/Pre-snack Area:

  • Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer board
  • One ALTO TX-10 280Watt 2-Way Loud Speaker
  • TRS 3.5mm plug

Banquet Hall:

  • Two Alto TX15 15″ Active Loudspeakers (600 Watts peak / 300 Watts continuous power)
  • 2 X  3-pin XLR Male connectors
(Pre-setup) Two Mixx Wireless Microphones – Microphone stand
Please bring your mixer board with XLR Female inputs, and DJ Equipment (Decks, Notebooks etc.) and lights.
Note: We strictly do not allow any other equipment in the banquet hall. Please do not bring your microphones, microphone stands, Woofer boxes or extra speakers. 


3-pin XLR Male connector


Band’s & Artists

  • Bands and live performing artists must bring their own equipment. Please note woofers or base units will not be allowed on our premises.
  • Any systems that are setup must be tested to comply with our 85dB(A) rules.
  • Any equipment setup outside must not exceed 60dB(A)
  • Any speakers setup on our property must face North (Towards the mountain to contain the sound)


Music times:

Do note that Last song is at 11:55. Music off at 12:00 (No exceptions). Do note that our Sound system is linked to an automatic off timer.