Black Horse Wedding Decor

These items are included in our venue hire. Please note that they do change regularly so please ensure you check in a week before your event for the updated stock list.

Last update: May 2021

Item in Stock Image Code
Table 3m Lightwood (3m x 1m)

Seats, 8, 10 or 12

Table Height – 77 cm

13  IMG_6577 IMG_6578 IMG_6579 A1
Table 3m Dark Wood 2  IMG_6580 A2
Table 4m Dark Wood 1  IMG_6581 A3
Chairs white 270  IMG_6583 B1
Odd Table

(237 cm x 70 cm)

1 img_0548 A4
Heart Table

(127 cm x 87 cm)

2 img_0549 A5
Standard Brown

Bride & Groom Table (200 x 77 cm)

1 img_0547 A6
Odd Table – Used for Dessert & Candy (300 cm x 80 cm) 1 img_0546 A7
Chairs Brown B & G

With white cussions

2  IMG_6584 B2
Lace Runners (Shiny) 14  IMG_6585 C1
Lace Runners (Drape) 15  IMG_6586 C2
Table runner (dark stone)

40cm X 400cm

16   D2
Napkins (dark stone)

40cm X 40cm

170   E1
Serviette (white) 236  IMG_6592 E2
Donut stand 1  
Salt & Pepper 30 Sets   G1


Rose Gold Underplates



200 H8
Mirror Cubes 7  IMG_6598 G4
Mirror Platter 21  IMG_6599 G5
Candelabra 33  IMG_6600 G6
Wine Cooler and stand 15  IMG_6601 G7
Bell Domes
38cm high X 24 cm diameter
18 IMG_6602 G8
Wooden Disk (smooth) 23  IMG_6603 G9
Silver under-plates 196  IMG_6604 H1
Wooden Under-plates 123  IMG_6605 H2
 Dinner Plates Big 160  IMG_6606 H3
Dinner Plates small 40  IMG_6607 H4
Side Plates  156  IMG_6608 H5
Tapas Plate handle (Wood) 48  IMG_6609 H6
Tapas Plate Wine glass (Wood) 180  IMG_6610 H7
Wine Glass 144  IMG_6611 J1
Champagne Glass 192  IMG_6612 J2
Confetti bowls 2 M18
Knives 460  IMG_6615 K1
Forks 315  IMG_6616 K2
Spoons 260  IMG_6617 K3
Teaspoons 196  IMG_6618 K4


Cake Forks


125   K5


Flower Wooden Box Upright

10 M17


Flower Wooden Box Flat 



10 M16
Seating sign 1 O4
Tree White 15  IMG_6623 L6


Rose Gold Vases


28 M15
Vases wine glass set 1 M14

Vases large

Vases medium

Vases small







Easel brown 

Easel white





Easel barley wood 1 O1
Tea Light Vintage Large 29  IMG_6635 M1
Tea Light Vintage Small 73  IMG_6636 M2

Rose Gold Jar

Rose Gold Beer Bottle 



Brown Beer Bottle with Rope 30 M9
Tea Light Silver 124  IMG_6639 M5
Tea Light on silver stand (Diamond Candelsticks) 25  IMG_6640 M6
Tall Tea Light 52  IMG_6641 M7
Mr & Mrs sign 1 M8