Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I also have my reception outside in the garden?

 We do not allow that as we cannot determine what the weather will be like. You can have Pre-snacks outside (please arrange beforehand)

I see on the website that your wedding hours are until 24h00 can we extend?

Black Horse wedding venue is located in the Seekoeihoek Valley and unfortunately sound travels. We therefore have very strict hours. Last rounds at the bar is at 23:30, Bar closes at 23:45, Music off at 00:00. Hall and premises must be vacated at 00:30.

Please note that we do not ander any circumstances allow extension beyond 00:00

Can we do a tasting?

Yes you can, please do note that Tastings starts at R1000 per couple. Tastings can be arranged on Fridays and we recommend it from around 4-6pm. Do note that your menu needs to be decided on already. 

Can I bring my own wedding cake? Do you make wedding cakes?

You are welcome to bring your own cake at no additional charge, please do note that we do not provide cake stands or a cake knife and lifter.

We do not take any responsibility for moving your cake, or placing more wedor on your cake. 

Your cake is completely your own responsibility. 

Can I use my own DJ, or can friend DJ for me?

We do have preferred DJ’s, but if you would like to use your own DJ 

When can we setup our flowers and decor?

Setup is allowed 1 day before your wedding, setup time is from 8am till 5pm. You may also setup the day of your wedding. Our staff only work until 5 pm on weekdays and we cannot leave the hall unattended, so please ensure you hall is ready before 5. 

Do you have fridges to store our flowers or cake?

No we do not have fridges to store your flowers or cake, we cannot take responsibility any damage.

What type of confetti do you allow?

We only allow biodegradable confetti, i.e. leaves, flower petals, bubbles. Please note that we do not allow any edible confetti as they attract the monkeys. 

Please note that we also do not allow sparklers inside any of the buildings, you are welcome to have them outside and not under any roofs.

Can we have sparklers?

We do not allow sparklers inside any of our buildings, but you are welcome to use them outside and not under any roofs.

Do you have an easel for the seating chart?

Yes we do have an Easle for your seating chart, you are also welcome to bring your own. 

The deposit is R10 000.00 correct? What is this for and do I get it back?

The non-refundable security deposit is a downpayment on your final bill and if you cancel with us we keep it. Note it is non-refundable. 

That is to ensure that if you decide not to get married with us that we already have payment against the venue in case we cannot fill the date again. 

Note: The deposit R10000 is non-refundable. 

Is there any other costs or surprise amounts we need to know about?

Yes, do not forget that we add a R5000 liability deposit to your final invoice. This is refundable within 30 working days of your wedding. and is for breakages or missing decor items or outstanding bar tabs.

The venue closes at 24:00, are guest allowed to continue at the guest house?

Yes, please do try to be not to loud and respect our country environment.

Packing up and cleaning the next day, when do we need to remove our decor?

The banquet hall opens at 8:00am and guests must please remove their decor items by 11:00am. Our staff will clean the hall. Any items left after 11:00am will be placed outside the large steel doors and discarded. 

Can I sleep more people in a room then specified?

No, rooms are designed to accommodate more than 2 guests. Our rooms also do not have space for children and neither do we allow extra beds.